Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayerletter – June 2018

Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayerletter – June 2018

Dear Friends,

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“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

Israel had forsaken her God and ran after other powers like Pharaoh. She trusted Pharaoh and his armies for her security. To such a nation God spoke those words of wisdom to protect them from being deceived.

God loves us but we run away from Him. We must return. If God is El-Shaddai – sufficient and enough – then we need not go anywhere. But we are enticed by what is spurious and does not satisfy and run after other ‘gods’. It is never too late to return to God. No matter how many times you let Him down, He will receive you. No matter how badly you spoke to Him, He will forgive you. Like the prodigal son, just get up and set your direction homeward. He is waiting for you.

Rest is a big word. It goes beyond the meaning of a break after a hard spell of work. Rest is to cease from striving. You are working hard but getting nowhere. That is striving. But when you rest with the Lord, you know that you are taken care of. The fears and futility of running without getting nowhere will cease when you rest with God. You are saved.

People blabber when they have nothing much to say. Those that are sure of what they believe need but a few words to convey their thoughts. Quietness is a strength drawn from an abiding relationship with God.

When we return to God and rest with Him, we will be quiet like a baby at her mother’s breast. We are saved unto strength.

Dr. Samson Gandhi

You can access the complete prayerletter online using the link below –

Friends in Fellowship Prayerletter June 2018

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