Teaching Programs

Enriching individuals through teaching programs

Teaching programs or seminars from Person to Person have been appreciated for their excellence in content and delivery and for building its program on strong Biblical foundations. 

Seminars on practical topics such as Christian Parenting, Marriage Preparation, Marriage enrichment, Stress, Biblical sexuality and Grief are well received by the participants.

Person to Person also facilitates ‘need-based’ seminars for organizations and churches. These programs are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the organization. 

Personality Development | 2 days
Stress Management | 2 days
Marriage Preparation | 2 days
Marriage Enrichment |  2 days
Christian Parenting | 2 days
Family Seminar | 2 days
Childless Couples | 2 days
Educating Adolescent Girls on Sexuality | 2 days
Teens | 2 days
Youth | 2 days
Youth Leaders | 2 days
Biblical Sexuality | 2 days
Need-based Seminars

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