Workshop for Teachers

Objective – To equip teachers with the basics of counselling to better relate to students with emotional difficulties which affect their performance and growth.

Duration: 2 days

Features – The course teaches the basics of counselling, how to develop a healthy self-esteem, and allows the teachers to discover their talents in counselling. Self image and self esteem, Child development stages, Inclusive Education, Motivation, Learning styles – Teachers as learners, Interpersonal skills at work, Team work, Equipment students impacting children, Basics of counselling, Attending skills, Relating skills, Listening skills, Empathy, Discover your talent, Case studies, Counselling model, Attitudes of counsellor, Stress management, Anger management, Social media, Discover your teaching style

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We are regularly engaged by local churches as well as Christian institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, NGOs and para-church organizations to conduct in-house programs for their members.
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