PTP News Bytes – Feb 26 2019 – Stress

PTP News Bytes – Feb 26 2019 – Stress

WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN’S BOARD EXAMS? Here is a list of ‘stress-beating tactics’ that NDTV has published in consultation with Meenal Arora, the Founding Director of Shemford Futuristic School.

“Parents are not trained to be parents and it’s not an easy time to be a mum or day because there are so many distractions” says Carol Spiers, from the International Stress Management Association. “Parents need support, and they need help,” she adds.

Netdoctor, in consultation with Carol Spiers, from the International Stress Management Association and Geraldine Walford, a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry, has put together this article on How to spot the signs that your child might be suffering from stress.


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