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Personality Development (2 Days)
It helps you to discover yourself, build healthy self esteem, relationships and live with integrity.

Stress Management (2 Days)
It helps a person to learn to accept changes, face stresses of life and career in these days of fast paced lives.



Marriage Preparation (2 Days)
This empowers a person to strip away the myths of romance and courtship and helps to unfold the reality and sanctity of marriage.

Marriage Enrichment (2 Days)
It equips you to learn to build marriage on strong foundations, understanding the differences between yourselves and resolve the conflicts.



Christian Parenting (2 Days)
We help you to face the challenges by equipping you with the tips of building a balanced home, an insight to the methods of raising secure children and teenagers, and the ideas on issues of discipline.

Biblical Sexuality (2 Days)
This is to prepare an adolescent in early teens to develop a healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality with Biblical principles.



Need-based Seminars (2 Days)
Programs can be designed according to your specific needs. Please feel free to write to us and we will be happy to work with you in meeting your needs in the above areas of our core competencies.