Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayer letter – May 2022

Dear Friends,

Next month, on June 1st, PtP would have completed 25 years. A quarter century is a long time. Yet, looking back it seems like a very short time.

When there is love, shared purpose and faith, ministry becomes exciting. A prayerful Board, sacrificial volunteers, committed facilitators and invested donors made the ministry very enjoyable, meaningful and fruitful.

PtP has played a significant role in making the church and evangelical community aware of the need for and practice of Christian counselling. Today, almost every evangelical organisation has a branch of counselling ministry. Churches have adopted counselling both for preventing problems and resolving personal issues. PtP has developed and provided resources for their use. PtP is recognized both by the church and the ministry organisations as a credible and valuable ministry.

In the course of these years, we had our share of challenges. But these challenges made us to wait on the Lord, discern His ways and utterly depend on Him. The church and community were at such a stage where we needed to explain why and how counselling is needed for a closer and a fruitful walk with the Lord. Today, counselling has come of age and people are seeking counselling in the areas of pre-marital, marital, parenting, spiritual direction, addictions and emotional well-being. Even pastors refer counselling cases to PtP.

PtP has been a faith-based institute in more ways than one. We stayed very close to scripture when the church was leaning more on psychology than theology. PtP holds the conviction that biblical truths are foundational and psychology is incidental. People have appreciated and valued our balanced approach that is solidly rooted and grounded in Christ and the Word of God. We maintained the scriptural priority in all that we do. It is reflected in our training, teaching and counselling.

PtP lacked no resource. In good stewardship, we manged our finances very carefully. Accountability to our donors and the Board was a non-negotiable. Financial resources were always just sufficient and sometimes abundant. We had no assured funding from anywhere – within or outside India. Our gaze was always upwards and God was more than faithful; He was bountiful! PtP has gained the trust of all governmental agencies and is rewarded with unhindered space to carry on our ministry.

PtP did not expand geographically but it has exerted its influence in birthing several counselling initiatives and shaping many existing ministries. It was disappointing to see several initiatives to expand geographically fail. It always feels good to have your own ‘Isaacs’ to occupy new territories but the plan of God seemed more like ‘adopting’ and empowering God-prepared people to take up counselling, locally. With the ongoing pandemic, we have learnt that online courses have more geographical reach which we were not able to achieve offline.

Godly men and women of God just gravitated towards the ministry to resource it. Whether it is for curriculum development, course content or website development, as we prayed, He provided godly, competent and sacrificial friends. When we tuned our ears to His voice, He orchestrated this amazing ministry.

When God has consecrated men and women, there is no limit to what God can do. We see a shade of it at PtP. It has a well-trained team where everyone contributes significantly and yet is humble, loving and committed. Some have come and gone but all remain friends committed to ministry. There is a love that binds all in unity. People have often commented that PtP team is a caring, hospitable and committed staff.

In these years, we have trained 23,555 counsellors at various levels; 50,476 people were blessed by our teaching seminars; and 5,628 received personal counselling. PtP has its footprints in 117 cities and more than 17 countries. Figures are a poor reflection of God’s life-transforming work. But when we hear people sharing how they were blessed through this ministry we are in awe of God that He blessed our feeble offerings to nourish multitudes.

Faithfulness to the present can help us look at the future with enthusiasm. Pray that we all remain faithful for faithfulness in the present can make us fruitful in the future (John 15:8).

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Samson Gandhi

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