Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayerletter May 2018

Dear Friends,

This prayer letter goes to more than 2000 people every month. I know several of you pray for us because you tell us when we bump into each other here and there and in our ongoing programs. Thank you. Nothing would be more precious than your prayers.

As promised in my last letter, you can see the Goals and the Budget PtP set for 2018-’19. Would you pray with us that God will empower us to accomplish these goals and He will provide the needed resources to realise them? Thank you.

We need godly and competent facilitators with a servant heart. One such facilitator, Mr. Jacob Ninan has provided his sterling services in realising PtP goals and objectives. Due to health reasons he may not be available to teach in our future programs. Pray that God will raise His own. It is rare to find such a gem of a man. We need more of them. Let us pray that Jacob will enjoy good health and continue to serve God in unique ways.

We have four major projects due for completion this year: Introduction to Biblical Counselling (IBC) in Hindi, a Distance Learning Course; IBC in English to be offered online; ABC Level 1 to go online and a book on Counselling Case Studies. Pray that God will enable us to execute them successfully.

We have new ministry opportunities in US and UAE, this year. In US, we will be introducing PtP ministry in the East Coast this time. We had opportunities in Texas earlier. We have an invitation from an entirely new area in UAE, Ruwais, a port city close to Abu Dhabi. Earlier we trained a number of Pastors and Leaders in Dubai, Ras Al Khiama, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Pray that we will understand their unique needs and minister sensitively.

I have designed an online module on ‘Counselling Skills for Leaders’ as part of the MA in Christian Leadership course offered by SAIACS, Bengaluru. My module is scheduled for delivery in June 2018. Please pray for God’s wisdom. It is the first time that I will facilitate a course online.

The whole team at PtP is dedicated and give their best. Pray that we will be one in Christ and full of love and compassion as we serve.

All the above projects are in addition to our regular goals of training, teaching and counselling. Pray and ask the Lord to guide you in financially supporting PtP. Please see the budget and the specific needs we have for your informed prayers. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr Samson Gandhi

You can access the complete prayerletter online using the link below –

PtP Goals for 2018-19, request to pray for God’s empowerment and providence.

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