Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayerletter – October 2018

Dear Friends,

Generosity is a spirit of life. It is not just a matter of giving away money and things, although that is a part of it. Our source of understanding generosity is neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffet, although I have a great regard for them. Our template is God Himself as He is restoring His image in us. Christ in us is the hope of glory. Only He, can empower us to be generous.

The forgiveness of God made possible in Jesus Christ is the fountainhead of all generosity. He paid the debt I could never repay. Wiped away the blot I could never erase. He is lifting me to heights I could never attain. None of this at a price but all freely given. Therefore, generosity is His initiative. When we experience such free-flowing grace, we become channels of His generosity. Jesus’ grace is the fountainhead of all human generosity.

Our generosity begins with forgiveness. We have tasted the sweet forgiveness of God given to us generously, freely and with no pre-conditions. Let us be generous in forgiving. Forgiving in love is the highest form of generosity.

Be generous in your appreciation. In Indian culture, appreciating one another and complimenting each other does not come easily. However, as we receive from God and begin to appreciate and compliment others, you will be surprised to see that what goes around comes back to you.

Let us be generous in small giving. There are so many places we interact with people who serve us, such as bearers, bell boys, parking attendants, security are a few of them. With a grateful heart to God can we leave a generous to those that serve us? Such generosity does not wipe away their poverty but certainly lights up their heart, momentarily. For some, it is enough to face another tough day.

Most times, we are generous towards rich and stingy towards others. To the rich we give expensive gifts and large amounts by way of reciprocation and sometimes to impress them. To those who are not rich, we are tight-fisted in our giving. We might give or spend just enough to reciprocate or as an obligation. However, when poor people invite us, let us be generous.

As the Lord prospers you, you will come into money and comforts. More than money and space, what becomes more and more precious is your time. Can we be with people instead of doing things for them? Being generous in time with people is better than being generous in things for the people. We will become a little bit more like Christ. After all He left heaven and came down to be with us.

(Dr. Samson Gandhi)

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