Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayerletter – Sept 2018

Dear Friends,

Presidency or Prime Ministership gives power. A Nobel Prize confers greatness. Riches bring popularity. In some form or the other we all pursue power, prominence and popularity. But I wonder if this list would pass the judgement bar of the scriptures.

Look at what Jesus said: “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).” So what stands up to scrutiny is His kingdom or rule (obedience in our life) and righteousness (Christlikeness) in this world?

Everyone wants to look good, be thought of as good and to be remembered for their goodness, righteousness, if you like. They seek to earn righteousness by doing good works. Even the president of America wants to do good; like provide medical insurance for those who cannot afford it. Rich businessmen would like to give billions of dollars for research to eradicate malaria. These are great works but still without Christ in their hearts we know it falls short of His glory because the only righteousness that God would accept is that of Jesus Christ’s.

In the current times, we have a new breed of people who do not even take the trouble of doing any good works but just report a good work, good verse or a good quote and think they have the righteousness needed to make the cut. They are sadly mistaken. When you share a picture of a BMW car you do become the owner of it!

I know a man who is widowed, single, rich and retired. He would post amazing spiritual thoughts and quotes. When you read them you would give glory to God for His deep spirituality. But some months later I heard that he would not even consider helping a needy sibling. His FB posts and his real life are poles apart.

When we share a thought, a quote or a scripture, let us first ask ourselves if we own it. We earn a right to share it if we are living it in Christ. Otherwise it is virtual righteousness not useful in real world or the next. Jesus called it hypocrisy.

(Dr. Samson Gandhi)

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