Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayer letter – May 2023

Dear Friends,

Several of you have joined us at the PtP Silver Jubilee Thanksgiving Service and celebrated 25 years of its fruitful ministry. This month PtP completes 26 years. On June 1st, we begin our 27th year. We have served Churches, Christian Institutions, NGOs and the community at large. I ask, “What is the Lord telling us as we step into another New Year?” And it is tempting for me to think in terms of programs, projects and finances. And God being our helper, we will. But I believe, God primarily wants us to prioritise three things:

PtP must be a sacred space where people are invited and encouraged to worship God. Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations (Matt. 21:13).” Prayer is looking up to God by depending and trusting our loving Lord Jesus. It is earnestly seeking His intervention in all situations of our lives. It is also giving up independent ways of doing things and start living in God-honouring ways (Mark 14:36). PtP seeks to help people to do this through counselling and training counsellors. In this way we would like to provide a sacred space where people can ‘pray’ unhindered.

PtP must be a safe space where people find acceptance and affirmation. No matter how affected, damaged or abused people are, they will find a safe space and pluck courage tobecome vulnerable before the Lord and receive His healing. We do so by coming alongside others to regain their faith like Jesus did with Cleopas and His companion on the road to Emmaus; like He offered a safe space to a seeking Nicodemus (John 3:1-2);or a rejected Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). PtP offers confidentiality for anyone to share their most delicate issues and find resolution. People feel safe at PtP.

PtP must be a sunny space for people to grow basking in the love of Christ. We are not a church but those who do counselling training courses with us over an extended period feel we are a community of like-minded brothers and sisters. They feel a sense of acceptance, freedom, and a sense of belonging (Acts 4:32a). They seek counsel from one another, support each other in prayer and share resources. Since pandemic the community has become pan India and even international. We see individuals and even families growing in a new way.

We thank PtP friends for making PtP a sacred, safe, and sunny place whether physically or virtually.

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Samson Gandhi

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