Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayer letter – November 2022

Dear Friends,

Every economist worth his salt is predicting a world recessionbut is bankrupt for ideas to avert it. Every environmentalist is crying hoarse about crippling climate change but it is falling on deaf ears of world leaders. No sociologist is raising a red flag at the runaway moral decay crept into the societies. And Psychologists are busy normalizing the pain of broken lives and relationships. Sadly, no spiritual guru is giving a clarion call to return to God and be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ our Lord! No wonder the world is talking about the need for mental health more than any other thing.

God is not unmoved. He has raised many leaders and institutions to comfort His people. PtP is one of them.

When PtP started 25 years back, it had a vision given by God to train Christian Counsellors for the church and community so that those who put their trust in God and obey Him in their lives will be able to experience the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ! It was crazy to talk about counselling ministry when everyone was talking about evangelism. Some even tried to ‘counsel’ me. But visionary leaders saw beyond the present and supported my vision. Today, all individuals and institutions involved in evangelism are talking about counselling.

God raised PtP for such a time as this and we rejoice in it.

Join us in thanking God as we celebrate the Silver Jubilee on 26th& 27th November 2022 at Hyderabad. We celebrate each one of you who is a part of PtP ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Samson Gandhi

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