Before You Tie The Knot
Author: Peter Wiig
Price : 150


In the words of the author, “This book is dedicated to all the young people who may be considering marriage one day and want that God wants for their lives and marriage. It is also for those parents, pastors, youth workers and counselors who are dearly concerned about their children’s marriage and may want another perspective” – Peter Wiig

“Peter Wiig is a child of Western and eastern cultures. Working with young people, he has his hand on the pulse of the youth today. He travels across the continents and has opportunities to observe different cultures. His writings will make meaning and touch your heart…

You will find scores of book on this subject written from a western point of view and are set in western culture. This books fills a crying need for Indian authors. It is written from an Indian point of view and set in Indian culture. You will connect with it…”

– Dr. Samson Gandhi, Executive Director, Person to Person – Institute for Christian Counselling

About the author: Peter Wiig was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, India. He went to Hebron school in Ooty, Tamilnadu, and then went on to finish Bible School in Alaska and his BSc at Biola in Southern California. His parents spent more than 50 years in the northern Telangana area of A.P.

After completing college Peter worked for 9 years in the Los Angeles area. In 1996 Peter & Mercy returned to India and founded Shining Stars Centres for Youth Development in Hyderabad, an organization committed to the long-term discipleship of children. Peter, Mercy, Josiah, Stephen and Caleb make their base in Hyderabad, but are living in Ooty at the time of publishing of this book.

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