Choices for Life
Author: Dr. Anthony David
Price : 150


Choices, choices, choices…Life is full of options! Do choices matter? According to the author, Yes, they do and all of them lead to consequences. In the book ‘Choices for Life’ the author Dr. Anthony David explains that from all the choices that we make, there are three have a lasting impact on our lives

  • Choices about Christ
  • Choices about Career &
  • Choices about Consort (life partner)

The choices one makes in these critical three questions, the author argues, will decide where you will spend eternity, how comfortably and or happily you live and whether life here on earth will be hell or heaven.

About the Author: Dr. M. Anthony David is a medical doctor who teaches Physiology, and is a creative communicator for Christ. His wife Kalpana is an educator. They have two grown up sons. Abiathar and Abishai. He balances work, worship and family along with commitments to preach, counsel people and facilitate in seminars. Writing and reading are his passions He mentors young people and helps them make choices.

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