Divorce – Never the original plan
Author: Dr. Beulah Wood
Price : 20


“None of us on our wedding day think we will ever consider divorce. We do not want that. But life is not always just and fair…” the author Dr. Beulah Wood points out in this booklet on divorce. She goes on to examine questions such as – what makes one think about divorce? What does the Bible say about divorce? Is divorce okay for a Christian?

The topics that are covered in this booklet on ‘Divorce’ are –

  • Firm ground about marriage
  • Safeguarding a marriage
  • But life is not always fairn
  • Behaviour that makes the other partner consider divorce
  • The Old Testament and divorce
  • Sexual misconduct, and divorce in the teachings of Jesus
  • Divorce in 1 Corinthians 7
  • Can Christians divorce?
  • Marriage after divorce for Christians
  • Cultural perspectives for divorce
  • Effect of divorce on children

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