Friendship on Facebook – How to have healthy friendships
Author: Santosh Vennamalla
Price : 20


“Facebook has changed the way we define and understand friendship. We can now have thousands of friends across the world and talk to them more often and at any time, sharing more of our lives through messages, photos and videos…” says the author Santosh Vennamalla in this booklet on ‘Friendship on facebook’. He goes on to examine the complexity of relationships within and between groups of friends on Facebook and on how this challenges the values, virtues and advantages of friendship.

The topics that care covered in this booklet on ‘Friendship on Facebook’ are –

  • Understanding friendship
  • Different levels and types of friendship
  • Characteristics of friendships
  • The 5 traits of true friends with Biblical references
  • Facts and figures of friendships on the Internet
  • Precautions for online friendships

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