In Good Times And Bad A Workbook for Building a Meaningful Marriage
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Building a strong marriage is like building a house. The first step is consulting the architect who draws up the blueprint or plan for the house. An architect makes sure that the house is safely designed, and will last for a long time. We may have our own designs for our home but they may have structural flaws which could eventually ruin the building. Similarly we need to look to God who made the blueprint for a lasting marriage.

You have vowed before God t love, honour and cherish each other till your death. This commitment may have seemed easy on your wedding day but learning to live that commitment takes a lifetime. Every marriage faces challenges sooner or later. These challenges however don’t have to define your marriage. A successful marriage is one that is built on a strong spiritual foundation. Such a marriage will help you weather all storms and will last till death parts you.

This workbook is designed to help you explore the foundation of your marriage, encourage you to build a meaningful marriage and equip you to soar above your challenges.

The topics that this workbook covers are:

  • Building on the Rock
    • God’s design
    • My role and responsibilities
  • Building with unique materials
    • Differently wired but eager to connect
    • Working through personality differences
    • Reality of expectations
  • Laying Brick by Brick
    • Moving beyond small talk
    • Working through conflicts
    • The gift of intimacy
    • Our families matter
    • Money management
  • Building to Withstand the Storm
    • Dealing with damaging emotions
    • The power of forgiveness
    • Habits of faith

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