The seminar covers the biblical perspective on personality. It will help you discover yourself, build healthy self esteem, relationships and live with integrity.

Suitable for – Adults

Duration – 2 days

Course Content:

  • Biblical perspective of personality development
    • Growing in wisdom
    • Growing in stature
    • Growing in favour with God
    • Growing in favour with man
  • Personality consists of two parts
    • External
      • Phyical appearance
      • Communication
      • Behavious and mannerisms
    • Internal
      • Toughts
      • Feelings
      • Values and attitudes
      • Habits
  • Iceberg principles on personality
  • What are the features of a healthy personality?

Note: The course fee varies from place to place taking into account the variable costs associated with each city. Kindly get in touch with us to know the exact course fee for the scheduled training program.

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  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu

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