Understanding the Bible
Author: Jacob Ninan
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If you desire to better understand the Bible and apply the word of God correctly, then you will benefit from reading this short yet engaging book. Jacob Ninan clarifies the misunderstanding about modern translations and establishes the accuracy and authority of the Bible.

Jesus used parables, Solomon wrote proverbs, David sand Psalms, kings recorded history and prophets proclaimed God’s word. The author describes how each of them has used different literary styles and therefore how important it is for us to interpret them appropriately.

A common error in understanding the scripture is taking portions of it from out of its context. With excellent examples the author guides the readers to avoid such errors and learn to take in the immediate and larger context in interpreting the scripture. Every reader will find this section very practical and most helpful.

Reading this book will help us not only to better understand the logos (written word of God) but I believe it will also help us to receive it as rhema (the spoken word of God, personally spoken to us.

Every erious reaer of the Bible will benefit from this book. And it is a must read for anybody who has not gone to a Bible college but is a Bible teacher.

Dr. Samson Gandhi, Executive Director, Person to Person – Institute for Christian Counselling

About the author: Jacon Ninan was born again while in college and has been an ardent student o the Bible since then. He has a master’s degrees in engineering and counselling and psychotherapy. After retiring from the Indian Space Research Organization he has been serving as Christian counsellor, a facilittor with Person to Person – Institute for Christian Counselling and the editor for Light f Life magazine. He runs the ‘Comfort & Counsel’ website (www.c-n.c.org) where he has published a large number of articles on practical Christian life and counsel. He is married to Susan, and they have five grown up children and six grandchildren.

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