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Friends in Fellowship – PtP Prayer letter – August 2022

Dear Friends,

God was always gracious. He was graceful when Adam and Eve rebelled. His plan was full of grace – He made garments for them to cover their shame (Genesis 3:21); He promised them that He would take away the guilt and shame of their sin and the sin of humanity (3:15).

The grace of God was fully revealed in Jesus Christ. It is His grace – free and unmerited – that brought us salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9). The grace of Jesus Christ, the salvation in our lives gives us that special ability to live the life He expects from us. One of them is to live authentic lives. We don’t have to fake it.

We find it difficult to live authentic lives because we want to please people and not God. We fake it before others; we think we can fool people and impress them to gain that recognition and relationship. We buy large houses, big cars and go on lavish vacations to exotic destinations even when we cannot afford them. As a result, we fall into debt, live in perpetual anxiety and end up all messed up. Sometimes, even our sacrifices are paraded to please people (Matthew 6:1-4). Our foolishness catches up with us and we become a public shame.

Grace of Jesus Christ invites us to live before God and be pleasing to Him. Before Him, we need not feel inadequate, ashamed or guilty. He will cover us with the righteousness of Christ. We can live honest lives; feel the contentment He gives and hear the affirmation we need. You can be like the thief on the cross who said “Remember me when you come in your kingdom.” Or you can be like the rich young ruler – very religious but in love of pleasing himself and others rather than God. The thief found the grace of God. The rich young ruler turned his back on it. What is your choice? Will you live before God, receive His grace and grow in love? Or live a life before people, fool yourself with strategies to impress them and end up being sorry for yourself? Ask God for the grace to make a wise choice.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Samson Gandhi

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