Another Historic First For Person to Person

Person to Person has had another historic moment this month. It’s not an achievement that we can stake claim to or a milestone that we had hoped to cross, but a tremendous recognition that the ministry received, for the work that it has been doing over the years.

St.Thomas SPG Tamil Cathedral, Hyderabad, threw open its doors to Person to Person in a unique and magnanimous way by appointing the Sunday of February 17th as PtP Sunday. They decided to step up their support to this ministry by taking up an offering for Person to Person. This, is a first for Person to Person.

Dr. Samson Gandhi has been ministering to the members of this church for the last 22 years. The church is blessed with a leadership that not only understood the dearth and the need of counselling in their congregation but also had the willingness to open its doors to a ministry that had the vision and the means to train counsellors for their church. The real joy was to see the exemplary shepherd of the church, Bishop Moses Ashirwadam, signing up as a participant to our training programs along with his wife.

With a mature leadership like this, it is perhaps not a stretch of imagination to expect that they would make efforts to strengthen their bonds with PtP, after vetting the ministry over the years. But since the time they told us about their intention to collect a retiring offering from their congregation for Person to Person, it has not ceased to amaze us.

God has done pretty amazing things through this ministry over the years and though there is hardly anything more rewarding than the joy of seeing relationships healed and restored, what the St. Thomas SPG Tamil Cathedral in Hyderabad decided to do for PtP last Sunday, was both humbling and exciting at the same time.

One would rarely expect that a kind thought in the mind of the Bishop, a gracious gesture from the church leadership and a resounding response from the church fellowship could be so overwhelming.

Irrespective of how much the retiring offering might have raised, this simple and sacred act, of the church coming together for a purpose, and reaching out to their fellow workers in the mission field, could speak volumes of the maturity of the faith and love they displayed, as well as send one into silent contemplation about how much the Church of Christ could accomplish together, if only we all stood with one another.

Dr. Samson Gandhi was also invited to share the word on God on the occasion. Mr. Noel Nicholes (Manager – Admin and Finance), shared about the ministry and calling of Person to Person.

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