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PTP News Bytes – Feb 25 2019 – Suicide, Addictions

Dear Friends,

In my spiritual journey, I felt good on many occasions. Going to a youth fellowship, participating in an “I found it” evangelistic campaign, going to a bible study, memorizing scripture, overcoming sinful nature (to some extent) and many other things gave me a great joy. Living a victorious Christian life had become a passion. Sharing some of the victories and finding encouragement in times of failures was comforting. In all this I realised that it was my effort to please the Lord. Occasionally asking God to give me spiritual steroids to achieve the ‘impossible” (Phil. 4:13).

My spiritual journey was a roller coaster ride. Thrilled, when I was gaining heights but scared when I was going down. I realised that I was chasing a perpetual high, an unfailing spiritual victory instead of God and His Presence; I was pursuing power instead of receiving it from the Lord; and I was running after projects instead of pursuing God-given purposes.

Moses asked to know God, know His ways and find grace. God said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest (Ex. 33:13, 14).  Mary sought Jesus’ Presence over ‘ministry’ of Martha and received His affirmation (Luke 10:38-42). The Ark of the Covenant, the Presence of God gave Israelites their identity and strength (Joshua 3:3, 17).

Jesus said, “You shall receive power . . . (Acts 1:8). We tend to seek power even chase and try to grab it with both hands. But that does not go well with our God. Those that chase and grab power use it to their own ends. But they that receive power from God give it away to empower others. Joseph received tremendous power as the Prime Minister of Egypt. He realised it that it was from God and it was for the saving of many (Gen. 50:20).

Paul was completely on a wrong track when he was persecuting the church. He encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus. Paul the attacker of the church became the evangelist for the Church (Acts 9:6). He was told what he must do. He was directed to pursue God’s purposes. We may have a misplaced zeal and end up on a wrong planet. In the kingdom of God, it is dangerous to be on a mission without a commission.

Seek His Presence; receive His power; and pursue His purposes.


Dr. Samson Gandhi

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